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Sunday, January 14th, 2007
3:01 pm
Saturday morning fanlain and I ventured back to the Mettler center together. fanlain picked arc-trainers for us to use, and oh boy does that exercise some weak muscles for me. I could immediately feel the effort in my upper thighs, but not until the next day did I realize how much I was "cheating" by leaning on the handlebars since my arms were sore.

Week: 0
Goal: 30 minutes cardio
Time: 6 minutes warm-up, 29 minutes in the zone.
Calories: 400 (1 bagel + 1 eggo, sans syrup)
Heart rate: 137 ave, 144 max

I'm not sure why it takes me so long to warm up; I'm not sure I feel like cranking up the difficulty just to get my heart rate up to 135 (I ended up dialing down the difficulty about 15 minutes in as it was).
Thursday, January 11th, 2007
2:02 pm
After a 7-month break, I'm back to doing cardio. The personal trainer at the gym said I should aim for 30 minutes, so that's where I went down to. The bike machine decided to stop after 20, so I have no reasonable stats other than average heart rate.

Week: 0
Goal: 30 minutes cardio
Time: 30 minutes (including warm-up)
Heart rate: 132 ave, 144 max

My fitness assessment was kind of crap, because she wrote down my resting heart rate as 72, which I think is way off-base — if I take a couple of deep breaths on the couch, my HRM goes down to below 60, and that's after coffee — but then proceeded to ignore it and suggest a target range of 65-75% of 220-age. Then she added that some people feel that this range is way too easy, while other feel it's too hard. Well, when you don't bother to do any measurement or use any of the currently prescribed methods, you should expect to get mixed results. So anyway, I aimed for 140 given my previous analysis in my workouts. Though I'm starting to think it's too high: I feel a fair amount of exertion by 140, and by 145 (still within my old 60-70% range) I definitely couldn't carry on a conversation. So perhaps it's time to remeasure.
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
9:58 am
short on time
Now that I'm not teaching anymore, I think I will shift my workouts to Wednesdays and Fridays, since Tuesdays fanlain has a staff meeting and I often end up driving her there and not having enough time to work out. Today was like that, but I decided to slightly shorten my workout rather than not do it at all. Took me longer to get my heart rate up this time, but after 10 minutes it was a slow downhill trend, and I was down to level 5 (from 14) by the time my 45 minutes were up.

Goal: 45 minutes
Time: 2 minutes warm-up, 43 minutes elliptical trainer
Distance: 2.2mi
Energy: 290 calories
Heart rate: 142 ave, 150 max

I think I need to get another music player. The iPod, for all its funky user interface, is simply not designed to be used occasionally, as it drains its battery between uses even when off. I thought I plugged it in last night, but it was still dead in the morning, so I was left with watching See Spot Run. From Roger Ebert's review:

And an FBI agent named Cassavetes, which must be a masochistic in-joke by the filmmakers to remind themselves of how far they have fallen from their early ideals.
Sunday, April 30th, 2006
8:34 pm
I used the elliptical today, first time in a while. I'm definitely getting less fit with each extended break from exercise, but I was still able to work out for 50 minutes, albeit at a slower pace. Now that the semester is over, I hope I can no longer find excuses to avoid the workouts.

Goal: 50 minutes cardio
Time: 50:36 on elliptical trainer
Distance: 2.2 miles
Energy: 285 calories
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
8:09 pm
slippery slope...
One day you say, "I'm not ready for that class / meeting / ..." and skip the exercise. Then that evening, you come home and tell yourself "I'm too tired and hungry to exercise now." And then it becomes a habit....

Despite some efforts, I skipped exercise this morning; I dawdled too long drinking my coffee, and then I had to drive fanlain to work so that she could make a meeting, leaving no time. Well, "I'll leave work early" I thought, but stayed until 5:30. But finally, just before 7, dragged myself out to the gym.

I'm definitely in worse shape now than when I was doing cardio regularly; I started out at a lower level and the last 15 minutes I kept slowly cranking down the difficulty. But I did (!) make it through about 50 minutes of exercise. The stats:

Goal: 48 minutes
Time: 50 minutes, including warm-up
Energy: 350 calories
Distance: 2.75 miles
Heart rate: 151 max, 142 ave, in zone: 48:34
Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
9:03 am
I've been sleeping lots since I got back from Turkey; usually, I conq out early in the evening because of messed up body clock, and then don't get up until 7 or so since I don't really have a reason to do it. So I've been making great progress on being able to do cardio exercise; today, I spent almost 4 minutes trying to get my heart rate up to my overdistance zone.

Goal: 44 minutes
Time: 4 minutes warm-up, 44 minutes stairmaster
Distance: 2.84 miles
Energy: 365 calories
Heart rate: 141 ave, 148 max, 45:02 in zone
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
10:28 am
Now that I'm back home, I'm back to exercising, and despite another two-week hiatus and being quite sick for part of the trip, I seem to be doing quite well in terms of fitness. I did have some trouble with motivation about half-way through, but my physical energy levels seemed to be just fine.

Goal: 44 minutes
Time: 2 minutes warm-up, 44 minutes stairmaster
Distance: 2.68 miles
Energy: 341.5 calories
Heart rate: 149 max, 140 ave, 44:46 in zone
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
6:34 pm
mixed cardio
The elliptical was being used, so I jumped on the treadmill instead. I did the jog-walk-jog cycle for about 10 minutes, then settled into an fast uphill walk (~4mph at 4% grade). The walk kept my heart rate at the correct place, but it's not really sustainable for half an hour. A lot of effort gets placed on my lower calves, and they get tight and start cutting off blood flow to my feet. Fortunately, around the half an hour mark, the girl using the elliptical left, so I switched to that for the rest of the time.

Goal: 44 minutes
Time: 1 minute warmup, 45 minutes exercise, with a couple short stops
Heart rate: 141 ave, 151 max, time in zone: 43.5 minutes.
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
12:46 pm
kenney gym
I skipped doing weights last Friday in part because I had a deadline and in part because I was feeling lame. I expect I won't be able to continue strength training while in Turkey, so I was thinking of waiting until April to start up again. But yesterday I decided that having two two-week breaks was still better than having one month-long break and I should try the gym this week.

I stopped doing the hammer curl because I really am not sure how to do the exercise correctly at this point. I also switched to an alternating arm pattern for most of the free weight exercises, for no real good reason. It made it easier to do the shoulder raises, but I don't know if it will have a positive or negative impact on my training. Results:

Shoulder raise: 10@12, 8@15
Bicep curl: 10@15, 8@20
Lat pulldown: 10@120, 3@130
Chest press: 10@120, 3@135
Upright row: 10@25, 8@30
Triceps: 10/7@25 - was better on form today and realized I need to scale back down
Leg curl: 10@135, 8@150
Leg extension: 10@120, 5@135
Crunch: 25 horizontal
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
12:21 pm
hukuma doesn't run, take 2
It was so nice out, I thought it would be great to go out for a jog outside, instead of being stuck inside the gym. And being outside was nice, though the whole experience ended up being very frustrating. First I spent almost 10 minutes fussing with the HRM, re-wetting the contacts, trying to get it to give me an accurate reading, until I realized I needed to tighten the strap. And then it was the jog-walk-jog-walk cycle for the rest of the time, with a really short period. It would take me about 30 seconds of trying to jog to get my heart rate from the bottom end of the range to the top, and then another minute walking to get it back down, and so on for the whole time. Out of the 35 minutes I spent in this cycle, I was inside the desired heart rate zone for only 23, the rest of the time I had to listen to my HRM beeping away telling me to speed up or slow down. Ugh.

This suggests to me that I'm still not ready for jogging. As far as I can see, I have two options: avoid jogging until I can get my endurance up on the stairmaster so that I can reasonably go for more than 30 seconds without exceeding my heart rate range, or go for shorter jogs but use a larger heart rate range (or ditch the HRM altogether). Seeing as I will be traveling for two weeks starting Saturday, I'll probably go with the second option. I might keep the HRM just for reference, but turn off the alarms.
Thursday, March 9th, 2006
6:14 pm
I decided to skip my workout this morning because I was behind on editing this paper for a deadline and I wanted to have some of it done before my meeting with a student. But I was feeling really bad about it; I really don't want to get into the habit of skipping the workout when it's not convenient, since it's a slippery slope that leads to an unfit hukuma. Especially given my two week hiatus, and the likely derailment of the exercise program while I'm in Turkey.

So I decided to go home early and work out before dinner. It took me a while to work up the energy to make it to the gym, but once I was there, things went much better than last time. It took 2 minutes to get my heart rate in the right range, and afterwards I felt like I was going all out for the first 20 minutes or so. At that point, I felt like I was done, so instead I had to go down a couple of levels. Towards the very end, I must have gotten my second wind; my body wanted to go faster and faster, even though the heart rate was telling me to slow down. I think I now understand the practice of jogging and then sprinting the last quarter mile or so.

Goal: 40 minutes
Time: 2 minutes warm-up, 40 minutes stairmaster
Distance: 2.34mi
Energy: 297.5 calories
Heart rate: 141 ave, 151 max

Current Mood: CBS evening news
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
9:47 am
I'm back after my 2-week hiatus. As I was getting ready to leave for San Francisco, I was really pressed for time and was thinking to myself "what I wouldn't give for an extra hour in the day." And so I decided to skip the weight lifting and get some work done instead. The rest of the time between now and then I was really behind both on work and on sleep, so I figured that exercise, healthy as it is, wasn't the best use of my time.

But now that's all done, so it's time to get back into shape. Goal for today stayed put at 40 minutes, and I still didn't do nearly as well as before I stopped exercising, but then again, I'm not fully caught up on sleep either. The first 10 minutes or so were annoying because I couldn't settle into a good rhythm: I would hit the upper end of the heart rate zone, go down a level, then hit the lower end, go up, and so on. But eventually things leveled off.

Week: ?
Goal: 40 minutes
Time: 1 minute warm-up, 40 minutes exercise
Distance: 1.43miles
Energy: 202.3 calories
Heart rate: 142 ave, 151 max
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
9:28 am
The stairmaster machine was in use, so I went for a jog, which really ended up being a fast uphill walk for most of the time. I tried jogging for the first 15 minutes, but it was the usual 1-2 minutes jog, 0.5-1 minute walk, repeat, to keep my heart rate in the right range. I decided to keep myself back a week before going up to 44 minutes because I only did cardio 2 times last week, and this week will be pretty low on sleep anyway because of travel.

Week: 9
Goal: 40 minutes
Time: 1 minute warmup, 40 minutes jog/walk
Distance: 2.83 miles
Heart rate: 141 ave, 163? max (I think this is wrong)
Monday, February 20th, 2006
5:47 pm
When I woke up this morning, I was feeling really tired and unmotivated and was thinking maybe I should skip the fitness exercise today altogether. But now I'm glad I didn't. I tried a new routine to test the fact that my biceps get tired out from other exercises, and I think I'm right, but even more so, I think the shoulders are affected even more, which is why I was forever stuck at the 15lbs shoulder raise. Here's the order I did today:

Shoulder raise: 10@12, 8@15 (yes!)
Bicep curl: 10@15, 8@20 (the last two left reps were very slow, I may have cheated on form)

Lat pull-down (front): 10@120, 8@130 (here I think I need to grab the bar wider. On the last reps, I get the bar as far as my chin, but after that the work switches to the biceps, I think, and those were tired)
Leg curl: 10@135, 8@150
Leg ext: 10@120, 6@135

[I forget the order on the rest]]
Chest press: 10@120, 8@135
Upright row: 10@25, 7/5@30
Hammer curl: 10@20, 7/6@25
Triceps: 10@25, 8/2@30
Crunch: 23

I'm still unhappy with the form on the hammer curl; the shoulders are doing a lot of the work and it's supposed to be a forearm exercise. The triceps are mostly good, but I think I will switch from the one arm tricep extension to the kickback, or perhaps one of the cable exercises, because it's getting uncomfortable to hold the large weight behind my back.

I did another workout last Friday that I forgot to log. I skipped the cardio on Sunday because I got too caught up in the househunting stuff.
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
9:21 am
no reading
fanlain was supposed to walk to work and use the iPod this morning, so I tried reading a paper today while doing cardio. That ended up not working out very well; between the elevated heart rate and the bouncing, I couldn't concentrate on the paper without feeling dizzy. So it was a long and boring 40 minutes. The lack of sleep is catching up with me and today was harder than Tuesday. (Must go to bed early tonight!) After about 12 minutes, I settled in at level 8 and stayed there for pretty much the whole time except for a couple minutes at the end.

Week: 8
Goal: 40 minutes overdistance
Time: 1.5 minute warmup, 40.5 minutes stairmaster
Distance: 1.93miles
Energy: 250 calories
Heart rate: 141ave, 149max
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
9:43 am
I was definitely feeling more tired today. I started out at a slightly slower pace than Friday and was able to stay with it, though my heart rate was towards the high end of my range for most of that time. The last 15 minutes was a gradual fade, going from level 10 at the beginning to level 5 at the end. But that's still pretty good, seeing as in the past, I've often spent most of the exercise around level 6. And I made it to the 40 minute mark!

Week: 8
Goal: 40 minutes overdistance
Time: 1 minute warmup, 40 minutes stairmaster, 30 seconds cooldown
Distance: 2.0miles
Energy: 255 calories
Heart rate: 144 ave, 150 max

Only two more weeks until I get up to 52 minutes of cardio; I think I'm going to stop there. At some point I should consider interval training, but probably not for a while.
Monday, February 13th, 2006
12:59 pm
kenney gym
I don't have records from last Thursday's trip to Kenney, in part because I forgot to bring a pen with me, and in part because there were some issues with the workout: the weights I wanted weren't free for a long time and I ended up trying machines to work the same muscles. Anyway, here's the report from today. I tried to be careful on form everywhere, and I think on all exercises except the hammer curl, I'm doing well. The hammer curl is a little weird for me since the natural motion seems to involve three different muscles.

Chest press: 10@120, 4@135
Lat pull-down: 10@120, 6@130
[nb. I was interested to see that most of the people pull the bar to their chest, rather than to their shoulders. I wonder if that's a better exercise]
Upright row: 10@25, 6/3@30
Shoulder raise: 10@12, 5/5@15
Hammer curl: 10@20, 8/5@25
Triceps: 10@20, 8@25
Leg ext: 10@120, 6@135
Leg curl: 10@120, 8@135
Biceps: 10/7@20
[turns out 20 is too much weight for my biceps]
Crunch: ~18
[I was using an inclined crunch machine on its horizontal setting, but it wasn't locked all the way, so after the 10th crunch it droppped to a slight incline.]

I'm a little disappointed that my shoulder raises are going nowhere fast. I've been doing them to failure for probably about a month, and yet there seems to be no progress in the amount of weight I can lift. Maybe they need more frequent attention or something.
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
1:06 pm
I'm either much more rested this weekend than last (entirely possible), or it's much easier to jog on a treadmill than on flat ground. I was able to jog my entire time allotment with hardly any trouble keeping my heart rate in the correct zone.

Week: 7
Goal: 36 minutes overdistance
Time: 1.5 minute warmup, 36 minutes jogging, 1 minute cooldown
Distance: 2.45 mi
Heart rate: 142 ave, 149 max
Friday, February 10th, 2006
9:41 am
Well, so much for that hypothesis. Today was, if anything, better than Wednesday. I had a hard time leaving the house to go work out, but once I was there, I actually had to speed up a couple of times to keep my heart rate from going too low.

Week: 7
Goal: 36 minutes overdistance
Time: 1.5 minute warmup, 36 minutes exercise
Distance: ~2.2mi
Energy: 274 calories
Heart rate: 139 ave, 147 max
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
7:26 pm
slow and steady wins the race
Despite my resolution, I'm behind on sleep, so I naturally expected my workout to be poor. To my surprise, I managed to have by far my best workout ever. Normally, I work around level 8-10 for about half the workout, then gradually descend towards 2-4 for the second half. Today, I started at 11 and stayed there for 30 minutes, lowered to 10 and stayed there for the rest of the workout. My stride pace felt a little slower than usual, but I still managed to cover a good amount of distance. So I don't know what's up, but I'm not going to complain. Here are the stats:

Week: 7
Goal: 36 minutes overdistance
Time: 1 minute warmup, 36 minutes exercise
Distance: 2.15mi
Energy: 264.4 cal
Heart rate: 140 ave, 147 max

Before this workout, I'd been feeling kind of down about my exercise progress, because my workouts in Cuba didn't go that great, and I skipped doing weights yesterday because I figured I'd simply be too tired. Maybe I am working out too frequently and having two days' worth of a break helps my body. I guess I can test that hypothesis during Friday's workout.

Speaking of the Cuba workouts, here are the logs about those. Last Sunday and Friday, I did a jog / walk combination, which was really more walk than jog. As nice as it was to be jogging along the beach, the inability do maintain a jog for more than a couple minutes (and more often, even 45 seconds) without my heart rate going way out of zone was frustrating. I guess I still have more jogging training to do before this is a really practical way for me to do cardio.

Sunday and Friday:
Week: 6
Goal: 33 minutes overdistance
Time: 30 seconds warm-up, 33 minutes jog/walk
Heart rate: (Fri) 140 ave, 153 max (Sun) 141 ave, 152 max
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